Polish Teams of SERENE and ONE-Net projects organized a meeting (on 16/02/22), which was dedicated to local citizens of the Municipality of Przywidz. The inhabitants of a household district, where the high number of photovoltaic installations influence the local low voltage grid, were invited personally as one of the key stakeholders. Note that this household district is one of the 3 use cases of the Polish demonstrator in the SERENE project.

After the welcome and introduction from Tomasz Herbasz, SERENE project manager in Przywidz and Marek Zimakowski, Mayor of Municipality of Przywidz, Weronika Radziszewska from KEZO Research Centre/IMPPAN presented the progress of the SERENE, the plans to distribute the survey, and organize further meetings focusing on the aspects of the local energy communities.

Next, Energa Operator and Enspirion SA presented issues related with energy balancing, discussed how this is affected by renewable energy sources, and how domestic photovoltaics can be actually controlled more efficiently. This meeting served also as an important opportunity for both projects to ask local citizens of Przywidz to give their written permission regarding usage of the data from their energy meters within both projects. This information is crucial for further research, analysis and optimization of energy system to be performed in both those EU projects from different perspectives.

We are very greatful to several citizens who have already signed forms and gave us such permissions! Thank you!