We are pleased to inform that the SERENE Consortium and General Assembly Meetings took place in Gdańsk, Poland on 16-17 April 2024.

In typical fashion, the different project partners plan to visit one of the local demonstators. This time round, they visited the Municipality of Przywidz, where three use cases of the Polish demo in SERENE are located. The field visit was mainly focussed on the presentation of the energy storage unit by STAY-ON (Fig. 2), which was recently connected with the local intelligent energy management system to operate together with the heat pumps and photovoltaics, that are installed on the rooftop of the primary school, being a part of the ARENA Przywidz Sport and Culture Facility.

Partners had also opportunity to see the mobile energy storage unit (Fig. 3), which is connected to the PV system in the local kindergarten.

Furthermore, dr Weronika Radziszewska from IMP PAN gave an informative presentation concerning both a recently finished project “ONENET” as well the actual “demand side response” (DSR) service. This already allows the waste-water treatment plant located in Przywidz to provide a commercial service for ENERGA: demand-side response (DSR) or demand-side management (DSM).  The latter is a method of influencing (lowering) the users’ consumption of energy (using mostly financial incentives) in a way to improve the stability of the energy system. You can learn more about Demand Side Response services from “Factsheet for socio-technical components of integrated local energy systems” which is available here at project website.

A genuine thank you to all the participants for fruitful discussions and important decisions taken during the meeting in Gdańsk! Let’s keep up the good work towards local energy transition!

Last but not least, thank you, Polish Partners, for a splendid organization of this meeting!