The dedicated meeting with citizens of Przywidz took place on the 21st of November 2023 and was co-organized by ENERGA-OPERATOR S.A., the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN) and STAY-ON (who are all partners in SERENE) as well as Enspirion Sp. z o.o. (who is a One Net project Partner, together with ENERGA-OPERATOR S.A.).

The aim of this gathering was to thank citizens for their so far participation in OneNet Project and secondly, to inform them about the newest developments carried out within SERENE H2020 project.

Citizens learned about new installations in SERENE – i.e. the energy storage unit, which was recently installed near Arena Przywidz (sport and culture centre) and additional EV chargers. Furthermore, the latest research regarding the state of the energy network in the Przywidz area, including (among others) the calculation of how much additional photovoltaic installation can be still installed, how the grid would behave if all the citizens installed heat pumps and how many electric cars can charge at once without disturbing the grid, were the topics presented and explained to the participants.

Last but not least, Paweł Grabowski from Stay-ON introduced the prosumer’s energy storage units: their purpose, functions and profitability. The goal of the presentation was to explain how energy storage units can help stabilize the grid, increase the local consumption of energy from photovoltaics and how they can be profitable for their owners and the community.

All the presentations were well received by the participants, which resulted in many questions and discussions.


Fig. 1 P. Grabowski from Stay-ON explains the profit analysis of the energy storage unit (Photo: W. Radziszewska, IMP PAN 2023)