The partners of SERENE project have met for a 2 day-long project meeting in Deventer, the Netherlands on 5-6 October 2023. This project gathering included the Consortium and the General Assembly meetings , which were connected with a field visit at the Dutch demonstrator.

Deventer is located very close to the two sites of the Dutch demonstrator: the local communities of Aardehuizen (“Earthhouses”) and Vriendenerf (“Friends’ Garden”) in Olst.

How does the concept of smart energy is actually being implemented in the Olst communities? The filed visit made it possible for the Partners to witness the energy transition happen in the Dutch demonstrator, where the Dutch Team introduces smart solutions enabling handling of energy flexibility, interlinked with the real time energy monitoring to be upgraded soon with an addition of control functionalities to the existing e-boilers.

Additionally, the field visit created the opportunity for the SERENE Partners to meet and talk to the residents of the Dutch communities, who are active participants of the project works carried out in the demonstrator.

Thank you Dutch Partners for excellent organization of this project gathering!

Photos: Gerwin Hoogsteen, University of Twente

Photos: Jorg Verstraete, IMP PAN|KEZO Research Centre