SERENE has participated in the #bridge EU initiative from the start of the project in summer 2021. Project representatives have already participated two times in the Bridge General Assembly, and the latter one, held in March 2023, was for the first time held both online and onsite.  

Ewa Domke from Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences, who is SERENE represenatative with respect to Consumer and Citizen Engagement Work Group, together with Hans Bjerregaards from Bjerregaards Consulting, who coordinates the whole SERENE Bridge Team with respect to the participation in the overall Bridge initiative, participated in the onsite meetings in Brussels. Other Partners joined thematic sessions online. 

The Bridge initiative  stimulates cooperation between H2020 project’s working on Smart Grids, Energy Storage, Islands and digitalisation. The idea is to identify synergies between these different projects by fostering continuous knowledge sharing to make conclusions and recommendations about the future exploitation of project results. A high focus is placed on enabling the future energy system to gain flexibility in sector coupled systems and the future digitalization and application of energy storage in different forms – i.e. power to X, thermal storage and electrical storage. 

Photo: CINEA, 2023.