Promotion of the effects of scientists’ work is a key issue today [1] – said Dariusz Wieczorek, Minister of Science in Poland during the 2. “Science for Society” Congress, which took place on June 9-10 2024 in Warsaw, Poland. The Minister of Science further emphasized that the key issue today – apart from increasing expenditure on research and development – is to promote the achievements of scientists and research institutions.

The Congress, which took place under the Honorary Patronage of the Minister of Science, Mr Dariusz Wieczorek and the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, attracted a wide range of participants, both on-site and online, which is confirmed by over 15 hours of live broadcast and over 2,000 views on the YouTube channel and this number continues its growth. This is an expression of society’s growing interest in the latest scientific achievements and their impact on everyday life.

We are pleased to inform that the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN) participated in this event and promoted SERENE at its stand. Further, Weronika Radziszewska, as a co-leader of the SERENE project demonstrator in Poland, took this splendid opportunity to present the works carried out in the Municipality of Przywidz towards general public during the interview recorded at the event. The latter was later published as a part of the episode of the local programme on the Polish TVP3:

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