Representatives of 21 local self-governors from Ukraine visited Poland to participate in the 1st Polish-Ukrainian Local Administration Forum held on 21-24 of March 2023. On Friday, 24th of March, the Ukrainian representatives visited the KEZO Research Centre PAS of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN), which is located in Jabłonna.

First of all, Paweł Zawadzki gave our guests a tour around the KEZO Research Center and presented the current research realised in the Centre. Secondly, Weronika Radziszewska talked about the undergoing european and international projects, in which IMP PAN and its KEZO Research Centre PAS are actively participating, including (among others) SERENE H2020 project .

The 1st Polish-Ukrainian Local Administration Forum was organised by the city and municipality of Serock, the Association of the Social Committee for Assistance to the City and Municipality of Serock, the organisation “Serockie Inwestycje Samorządowe”, the Center for Development of local administration and the Polish-Ukrainian Agrarian Association.

The Ukrainian delegation was really interested in the potential to use the presented technologies and solutions in their municipalities as a part of rebuilding of the infrastructure.

More about this Forum:,2023-rok?tresc=29370

Photos: Jorg Verstraete, KEZO Reserach Centre.