Weronika Radziszewska from KEZO Research Centre PAS has recently participated in the “11th Wdzydzeanum Conference on Fluid-Solid Interaction”, where she presented the analysis of the data from Central Emission Register of Buildings from the Municipality of Przywidz, which was possible thanks to works carried out within SERENE.

The Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN) in cooperation with the IPPT PAN – Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences and Warmińsko-Mazurski University in Olsztyn organised the “11th Wdzydzeanum Conference on Fluid-Solid Interaction” between 3-7 September 2023 in Wdzydze Kiszewskie in the Northern Poland. It was already the second time during the realisation of SERENE, that our project was present at that event.

Interestingly, the conference continues the history of the Fluid-Solid Interaction Workshops organized so far, however this year the organisation team decided to modify its format. While the main sessions remained traditionally focussed around thermodynamics and material science, there were new social topics added. Human aspects of energy technologies and promoting new technologies to people was a new perspective added, and this was the session during which Weronika Radziszewska presented SERENE.