We are delighted to inform that prof. Birgitte Bak-Jensen, a project coordinator of SERENE, was among the panelists of the debate on „Power distribution systems fostering Sustainability”, which panel was held as a part of the Opening Forum of CIRED (International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution) on the 12th of June 2023.

CIRED, the Leading Forum where the Electricity Distribution Community meets, holds the major International Electricity Conference & Exhibition every two years in different venues in Europe with a worldwide perspective and participation.

CIRED is always evolving and the 2023 event is the conference 27th edition, which this year takes place in Rome, located in the heart of Italy on 12-15 June 2023.

It was a great honor to be a member of the opening panel at the CIRED 2023. We had very good discussion on how the distribution grids have to participate in the green transition by providing capacity for flexibility provision from costumers for the overall balancing of the electricity system as well as for enhancing the hosting capacity of the grid. Some future focus areas seen from academia point of view is concerning local energy communities where private costumers can go together and use local produced energy as well as help in provision of flexibility for the local grid. This is for instance explored in the SUSTENANCE H2020 project, SERENE H2020 project and RE-EMPOWERED EU-India Project, where both technical solutions as well a more social aspects such as business cases, regulation as well as user engagement are considered” – concludes Birgitte Bak-Jensen.

Further, another future aspect is about considering multi-energy systems and how industry can contribute to the green transition and at the same time get benefits for their own companies. New very electricity consuming industries like P2X and data centers will be important new players, and the distribution infrastructure has to accommodate these together with the general electrification of other industries in port and industrial areas as well” – adds prof. Bak-Jensen.

Additionally, results from SERENE as well as SUSTENANCE H2020 projects were presented by prof. Birgitte Bak-Jensen during the last sesssion of the CIRED Conference. Prof. Bak-Jensen discussed „how latent heat storage systems, together with heat pump applications, can be used for provision of flexibility in the distribution grid, still ensuring the costumer comfort and economy, by enabling charging at low price period or under self-production and utilization of stored energy during high price periods. The thermal dynamics of the systems have to be considered, to get the best utilization of the systems, which was modelled in the presented paper” (Fig.2).

Participation in CIRED 2023 offers an opportunity to meet with up to 2500 experts and benefits from face-to-face interaction with key decision leaders in the field of Electricity Distribution.

An exhibition gathering over 140 companies will be running throughout the conference.

More information about the event: https://www.cired2023.org/

Fig. 1 Birgitte Bak-Jensen among the panelists of the Opening Forum of CIRED 2023 [Source]
Fig. 2 Slide from a presentation by Birgitte Bak-Jensen at the CIRED 2023 Conference.